Have an Android phone but no idea how to work it?

     As is so often the case…people get new devices, but then have no idea how to use them to their full potential. Here is a simple and cheap solution, that is based on the web-based guide, but it puts everything right at your fingertips. Below is the description from the Android Market

Screen shot

You’ve got your phone booted up. Now learn how to really use it.

Put the world’s best-selling and most up-to-date how-to guide for Android in your pocket for the introductory price of 99 cents. Or you can buy the eBook for $9 athttp://completeandroidguide.com

The Complete Android Guide app is the perfect companion to keep handy on your phone. Search through our extensive how-tos and tips to extend your phone’s powers, improve its battery life, connect to more pieces of your online life, and get the answers to the niggling questions not answered elsewhere.
Beyond the in-depth explainers on your browser, email, Gmail, and other pieces of your phone, our guide includes:
* 10 Things to Do Right Away on Your Android Phone
* 20 Great Android Apps to Check Out
* Fixes for the most common annoyances
* Guides to saving your battery and securing your phone
* Alternative recommendations to apps you might not love on your phone
The Complete Android Guide covers all Android phones, up through and including Gingerbread (2.3) on phones and Honeycomb (now at 3.1) on tablet devices.

Link to the app https://market.android.com/details?id=com.threeones.completeandroidguide&feature=search_result


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